JX Bell
Technology • Communication • Design

San Francisco, CA 94117 | (415) 462-0558 | jx@jxconsulting.com
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Design Words
Technology Production

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Phone: (415) 462-0558
Email: jx@jxconsulting.com.

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Looking for excellent references? Palm says JX is "an invaluable asset to any technical communications department." Apple says "a valuable part of my team, and I recommend him as a very well rounded and solid professional." Palm says "Our internal customers, like management and personnel in tech support, engineering, training/education, and other departments all praised his work." References and copies of written recommendations on request.

Looking for diverse skills? JX can communicate information, solve problems, design, organize, program in many computer languages, manage projects, work in cross-functional groups, analyze processes, and write technical and marketing copy. JX has an artistic background: photography, web design, graphic design, typography, visual art, music, pro audio, and even improvisational theatre.

Looking for a voice for your project? JX can articulate information clearly, accurately, and diplomatically.


If you want someone with clients who applaud his technical skills, communication skills, writing skills, problem solving skills, and excellent collaboration in a fast-paced environment, then you found the right person: JX Bell.