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Recommendations from JX Consulting INC clients

Recommendations from clients of JX Consulting INC, a full California Subchapter S Corporation:

  • "top-notch technical writer with a deep grasp of API design and software architecture"
  • "the most technical tech writer I've ever worked with in my career"
  • "the best out there for what he does: he's extremely technical and really good at communication"
  • "knows how to explain things well, which requires deep understanding of the tech but also how real people learn and communicate"
  • "valuable early project feedback that turns out to be important to our designs, and the company"
  • "one of the rare technical writers that I've met that actually could be a coder on many of the high-octane teams"
  • "good at understanding and empathizing with end-users of a design, and what their needs are"
  • "a valuable technical asset for any company"
  • "above and beyond expectations"
  • "a very proficient programmer with expertise in API design"
  • "makes an effort in meetings, both public and private, to listen carefully to what the current speaker is saying"
  • "technical expertise, good will, and cross-team coordination allows us to offer high quality documentation"

Recommendations for JX Bell

Professional recommendations for JX Bell (J. Christopher Bell), who is the President, CEO, and performs services as an employee Senior Technical Consultant.

Victor Tso
Senior Staff Software Engineer
Paxata Inc.

You’d be super lucky to have JX on your team. JX delivers excellent organization, attention to detail, consistent voice, and professional presentation. I love that he takes something minimally specced, dives deep, asks good questions, and at the end delivers complete professional docs. But JX offers way more than putting what I've coded into words. We welcome his wisdom into how to improve what we deliver. JX contributes insights that we usually could get only from Senior level Product Managers, API designers, and QA engineers. It's a dance that he plays where he respects his charter to deliver super technical docs and yet offers a unique skillset that brings the entire product together. We value JX's perspective about how something would land with the customer, such as calling out gaps and stuff that needs clarification. He can take any technical and abstract info or process that you throw at him... and his agility with information lowers my OWN anxiety because I know he keep tabs on everything. :-) At multiple companies, I've seen firsthand JX's independent & flexible process in fast-moving engineering teams. I strongly recommend JX Bell for any team.

Jay Lillie
Director Paxata Federal Solutions
Paxata Inc.

JX has become the "go to" guy for our technical documentation. His approach to his work is very organized and strongly systematic. He brings a special talent for precision and clarity of thought. He learns things deeply enough that he can synthesize and explain in a structured way; he helps take disorganized concepts, inputs, and thoughts and make them understandable to others. There has been a marked improvement in the quantity, quality, and thoroughness of the documentation were producing for our customer since JX has taken over. I highly recommend him for teams needing professional documentation in the technology marketplace. 

Paul D'Albora
Software Engineer,
Guidewire Software

JX is the most technical tech writer I've ever worked with in my career. He's sufficiently technical for very complex, technical, abstract docs. And JX knows how to explain things well, which requires deep understanding of the tech but also how real people learn and communicate. He makes valuable early project feedback that turns out to be important to our designs, and the company. He's good at understanding and empathizing with end-users of a design, and what their needs are. He's unafraid to speak his mind if a proposal doesn't make sense, and he does it tactfully in a professional way. I've worked with JX for many years now, and on a personal note he's a pleasure to work with. I strongly recommend JX Bell as a top-notch technical writer with a deep grasp of API design and software architecture.

Trevor Morris
Software Engineer,
Guidewire Software

JX Bell is the best out there for what he does: he's extremely technical and really good at communication. He learns quickly, and I'm impressed by how much he knows about different systems. Plus all that knowledge is at his fingertips, so he can tie it all together. He contributes as a peer in a working group that's basically our Senior Architects plus JX. He's eager to help both personally and with anything that will help the company and our customers. I'm always impressed by his leadership in making sure the right things get discussed and solved. At a personal level, I enjoy working with JX, he's easy to talk to and makes collaboration a pleasure. His combination of enthusiasm, deep technical knowledge and top notch communication skills (both in writing and in person) make him somebody that any organization would be lucky to have.

Robert Geiwitz
Senior Technical Writer,
Guidewire Software

I have worked with JX for over seven years. In that time, Guidewire Software has grown from a small tech start-up to a post-IPO company with multibillion-dollar worldwide customers. During this time, JX had a dual role as skilled technical writer and as automation/process guy in our documentation team. JX's programming and writing efforts have helped the Guidewire documentation group achieve a very high level of sophistication in the doc that we deliver. I'm grateful for the things, both large and small, that JX does to make us and our customer community a success. JX is a very proficient programmer with expertise in API design. Over the course of his tenure at Guidewire, JX his written thousands of lines of code to automate our documentation tools. The GW doc team now has an automated nightly doc build process with auto-generated emails that highlight validations and warnings about our language usage and doc structure, all designed and implemented by JX. On a personal note, JX is extremely helpful, and also most gracious about it. I really appreciate the effort he makes when something important suddenly comes up, which, in the world of software release cycles, is often. I have noticed that JX puts attention into good interpersonal communication. He makes an effort in meetings, both public and private, to listen carefully to what the current speaker is saying, and respond in a positive diplomatic manner. Without a doubt, I believe JX to be a valuable technical asset for any company.

Peter Rexer
Platform Product Manager,
Guidewire Software

JX is one of the rare technical writers that I've met that actually could be a coder on many of the high-octane teams that he's writing documentation for. His love of writing craft and explaining technology and coding standards shows through in his work. Having someone that can turn my whiteboard scribbles and ten minute explanation of an arcane topic into top notch doc truly makes JX stand out. Not only does he *get* how compilers and garbage collectors work, he helps find potential holes in a complex design as you explain it to him. Those are some damn pesky good questions JX asks... and he makes me think a little harder about how to make our software better. JX also brings a sensitivity to how difficult it is to translate vague terms or ideas into other languages, and pushed me to come up with concrete recommendations for our users that would translate what we *really* mean. Guidewire customers probably don't know it, but their project success is thanks to JX's technical skills and keen eye for language.

Regina Bustamante
Director of International Product Management and Director of Globalization Strategy,
Guidewire Software

When a co-worker goes above and beyond expectations in their interaction with me or my team I like to call it out. I am talking about JX Bell and the many ways in which he contributes to the success of the company. The Globalization team's background is in software localization rather than document translation and publishing, and JX helps us succeed in our larger mission. In addition to his technical writing for Guidewire in the Documentation team, JX developed globalization-friendly features in Guidewire's documentation publishing system. His most long lasting contribution, we hope, was advice on process improvements to help our translation vendors deliver higher quality documents for all our future projects. JX's technical expertise, good will, and cross-team coordination allow us to offer high quality documentation to large multi-billion-dollar customers around the world.

Gerry Kane
Documentation Manager,
Openwave Systems

JX has a rare ability to discover very creative solutions while staying incredibly focused on delivering solid and accurate documentation on schedule. He moves easily from quickly grasping the 'big picture' to drilling down to the detailed level to fill in that picture. JX combines a depth of technical knowledge and skills with an artist's eye for presentation and design. History: I first worked with JX Bell at Apple in the mid '90s when I was the Technical Publications Manager for the Newton Group and JX was an engineer in the closely-linked developer support (Developer Support Engineer) organization. His contributions to the Newton developer community were widely acknowledged and his interactions with the technical publications group were invaluable as we all worked to build and invigorate the Newton OS platform. More recently, I worked with JX while I was at Openwave, which was developing and deploying a cellphone-based browser and application framework. I was tasked with defining and producing a comprehensive user interface (UI) flow document for external partners (and internal engineers) that completely specified the behavior of the extremely customizable underlying framework. There were tremendous time and detail pressures to deliver a robust document under highly severe contract penalties. I hired JX in to help. He quickly did much more than 'help'. He defined Visio-based templates that were invaluable and unique in illustrating how the framework operated. He worked under great pressure and delivered comprehensive documents that became the standard for Openwave and were used as sales tools when dealing with vendors.

Craig Barton
Director of Products,
MapQuest Enterprise API Solutions

As Product Director of MapQuest Solutions, a division of America Online (AOL), I worked closely with J. Christopher “JX” Bell as a Technical Writer and a Technical Communication Consultant. MapQuest and AOL were extremely happy with his work. In addition to developing deep knowledge of complex programmer-level (API) tools and creating several suites of documentation, JX advised us on our product line, improved our API interface, and dramatically improved product deliverables across the board. JX contributed both low-level technical knowledge and high-level perspectives to us to help make our products easier to use and easier to understand. JX translates technology details for a variety of audiences. He keeps his audience in mind, whether it is in person, on the phone, in e-mail, in writing, or in design. He translates complex information into what would be useful for each audience, and even knows how to talk to varied audiences all at once with elegance and clarity. JX's work was readily and openly accepted and praised across the organization, including Quality Assurance, Engineering/Development, Pre-Sales/Sales teams, and our paying customers. They all appreciated that JX's work was well-designed, detailed, and thorough. JX balances an attention to detail with thoughtful elegant introductions, explanations for less technical people, detail for very technical people, and the “key” information for decision makers. It's also worth noting that JX demonstrated great skill for collaboration and diplomacy with a wide range of people and personalities, even when people are in crisis mode. And yet when we needed it, he's courageous enough to respectfully ask tough questions with integrity when appropriate, and this process improved our teamwork and our products. In addition to his technical skills and people skills, JX is an excellent graphic designer and marketing communication consultant who created very professional diagrams, graphics, and marketing materials. I strongly recommend JX Bell for any technical communication or marketing communication projects.

Sidney Griffin
Manager of Platform Communications and Platform Marketing,
Palm, Inc

It has been a pleasure having Christopher (JX) as part of the Platform Communications Team. Christopher (JX) is a professional web developer of the highest caliber, who meticulously developed, formatted, edited, and managed critical user documentation and content for one of Palm's premier internet properties, PalmOS.com. Our internal customers -- management, and personnel in tech support, engineering, training/education, and other departments all praised his work. Christopher (JX) is an innovative self-starter, who excels in a high-level of autonomy and accountability. He is punctual and typically exceeds expectations. Of his many skills, his ability to foster relationships cross-functionally in an ever changing, fast-paced environment has proven to be extremely beneficial to our team. He handles pressure well and is adept at problem identification and resolution. Whether the situation calls for rollout of a site redesign, data migration, server monitoring, or the creation of content on our PalmOS.com site, Christopher (JX) not only met these extremely tight deadlines, but also often beat them. At the same time, he continued to produce a stellar user experience to support our more than 150,000+ developer community who look tot he site as the primary support resource to aid in their development efforts for the Palm OS platform. These are just a few examples which highlight Christopher's [JX's] superior skills and admirable work ethics. Christopher (JX) is an invaluable asset to any technical communications department, and I highly recommend hiring him.

Gabriel Acosta-Lopez
Developer Support Manager
Apple Computer, Inc.

Christopher (JX) was a great asset, both professionally and personally, to the Developer Support team. Christopher (JX) showed excellent technical skills as a software engineer, problem solver, code debugger, and researcher. He used these skills in his own work, and also in cooperation with peers, other Apple engineers, and our developers. In addition to his primary duties helping developers with their applications and collaborating with our engineering teams, he had other responsibilities that he handled well. For instance, he took responsibility for the management, editing, and publishing of hundreds of "Q&A" documents, creating a database and a process that satisfied the team and cross-functional teams. He also helped the engineering teams and software quality teams who requested his time in order to meet their deadlines, arrangements that I worked out with the other teams. On a personal note, he has been a great asset to the group because of his good spirits, sense of humor, and passion to help and teach others. For these reasons, I've appreciated my time working with him. Overall, he was a valuable part of my team, and I recommend him as a very well rounded and solid professional.

Michael Buckland
Project Manager
Newton System Group

In his role as an engineer in the Newton Systems Group, J Christopher (JX) Bell did an excellent job during the 7 months or so we worked together. During this time, he was a developer support engineer, and I was project manager for a critical software project. For example, J. Christopher's (JX's) team skills in assisting fellow engineers was invaluable in staffing an under-resourced but critical project. To do that, he and his manager agreed to transfer J. Christopher (JX) to my team for 7 months, where he provided extensive support to my project in writing code, bug fixing, and documenting bugs. J. Christopher (JX) contributed a great deal to the technical effort in getting the code written for this schedule-driven project. He demonstrated to me that he could write code with the best of the software engineers on the project. Another example of the value J. Christopher (JX) added can be seen in his technical communication skills. I have rarely seen the attention to detail and concise description of technical details that J. Christopher (JX) displayed in a the way he documented bugs in our tracking database. J. Christopher (JX) has always displayed the personal characteristics required to get the job done. He is pleasant to work with, always ready to pitch in and help, and has a sense of humor that helped when things got tense, as they always do in aggressively goaled projects. Finally, J. Christopher (JX) will be an asset to any manager requiring great technical skills, commitment to the team, and the ability to communicate technical information clearly and concisely.

John Bouvier
San Francisco Sex Information (SFSI)

I am the President of San Francisco Sex Information. SFSI is a 30 year old not-for-profit that runs a large educational department, web site, and most importantly a free national phone switchboard offering Free, Accurate, Anonymous Non-judgmental Sex Information and Referral to the United States and ever increasingly the rest of the world via phone, email, and our web site. I am writing in behalf of one of SFSI's more valued staff members, Mr. JX Bell. I have been both his supervisor over the years and also a collaborator on a number of projects here at SFSI. JX has worked for SFSI in various roles since his sex educator training courses in year 2000: writing detailed technical answers to our clients, writing new detailed copy for our web site, writing marketing copy, and now as Web Editor and webmaster of SFSI. All of his technical writing about sex is accurate and consistent with the latest books, journal articles, medical research, and other sources of information about human sexuality, reproduction, birth control, diseases, risk prevention, practices, and sexual and gender identity. He shows the constant desire to learn and improve, which helps others grow and contribute. He has fostered and nurtured cross-functional work at SFSI in arenas that had challenged SFSI for a few years before JX arrived on the scene to provide insight and solutions. JX understands the big picture yet with a great attention to detail as well as demonstrating excellent communication skills in person, in writing, and on the phone. He is calm, considerate, articulate, and deals with stress well both on the phone with clients and with Staff. JX is one of the best writers in 1-to-1 email answers to our clients as well. He is capable of explaining complex things to a variety of audiences, including educated older adults, inexperienced teenagers, and even other sex educators within SFSI when collaborating on answers and continuing education. In his technical role as Web Editor, he has significantly improved our web site, expanded services, and created a content management database to facilitate content management, supervisor approvals, and even translation teams for Spanish content. On a personal note I find JX to be an extremely focused person that I enjoy working with and learn from as well. I like it when some one can show me another side to a situation and/or problem that I might not see like he does. When JX sinks his teeth into a project/problem, it gets done! Based on his training, knowledge, experience, and communication skills, I recommend JX as a significant value to any technical communication team.